I have presented the 18th of March, 2021 a dynamic Webinar from a series of Webinars to ACS, American Community Schools Parents’ Association Community of ACS (American Community Schools) with the topic:
“How Parents can Inspire their Children in Pre-adolescence & Adolescence to develop Emotional Intelligence, E.Q., Qualities & Values in order to support them to become Happy, Well – balanced & Creative, especially during our Challenging times!»
Thank you for invitation the President of ACS Athens Dr Peggy Pelonis, as well as the  Parent Association (PTA) of Middle and High School for their great participation & many positive comments & the Office of Student’s Affairs for the organisation of these series of very successful events !
In the following link you can attend part of the webinar: https://www.facebook.com/100009270378432/videos/2894186687566982/
Our 3rd Webinar will be on Thursday, April 15th with topic: «How Parents can Inspire their Children in ADOLESCENCE to develop Emotional Intelligence, E.Q. Qualities & Values”.
The Webinars are in English & it will be presented to all ACS Parents’s Community!