Founder and editor-in-chief of Living-Postcards, Iliada Kothra, captured the essence of Ms. Gina Thanopoulou, in an interview article discussing the gift of Life and the optimistic way to approach life in order to pursue our Goals and maintain our Well-Being.Gina Thanopoulou spoke about the choices we make and the difference between taking risks and living on the safe side of life.  Specifically, she noted:» I believe this is the ESSENCE in life: to be true with yourself & follow your inner voice ! The majority of people are afraid to try something new and prefer to stay on the safe side, even if this means a safe compromise that leads them to a kind of «slow death». This compromise is an ILLUSION. Sooner or later the person will feel «psychological suffocation» and will pay the price, psychologically, physically or spiritually. The only certain thing we have in life, from the moment we are born till our last breath, is CHANGE. »

One of the keys to Life then, is to embrace change. Let the stream take you with it and harmonize yourself to your inner voice and follow your truest instincts.  Life will throw numerous hurdles at you, in order to test your ability and dedication to your truest purpose!  Maintaining your Optimism while you do this, will ensure you can make your Dreams a Reality!Gina Thanopoulou also spoke about coaching and the difficult role parents have nowadays protecting and mentoring their children adequately, in order to avoid the various exploits and dangers presented by society and social media.

You can find the entire interview, HERE.